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Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum
Melodic Steel Tongue Drum - RAV drum

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Julia Geibel
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Techrider for the solo program:
(Techriders for other projects are here)

1 vocal microphone (Shure SM58), 2 DI lines for garrahand, 2 condensor mics for garrahand, , 2 XLR lines for clip mics (for udu and futujara - phantom power required),a high quality P.A., mixing console and effect processor (Compressor, Reverb), monitor system, 1 little table (1 m x 1 m ca.), 1 armless chair, beamer (projector) for background visual projections (if concert is planned with the visuals), experienced sound engineer, a light system in proportion to the venue.
Set up & sound check 1,5 hours
set down: aprox. 45 minutes

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Nadishana Dzuddahord


You can download the Nadishana's posters here

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